Hair Sponge Questions | Frequently Asked and Answered

hair sponge questions


Often before an customer is ready to spend money for this product they will ask hair sponge questions about it.

The questions they ask are important. Many times they may sway the decision to buy 1 or more of the product they seek knowledge about.

We take these inquiries serious and have compiled a list of the most asked about the curl sponge. Preparing you for the good things you can and will do with this product is our pleasure. Make sure you share this twist sponge information with family and friends.

The Most Popular Hair Sponge Questions Answered

1. Does it dry hair out?

No! Even though the tool is a sponge it does not dry the hair out. If you use the method explained here you will see optimum results.

2. Does it work on long hair?

Yes and No. The sponge curl brush will yield better results on short to medium hair. But, if a person has longer kinky curly hair it will work just fine. 4B course hair will twist better than curly wavy hair. Different hair types will produce different results. (See hair types)

3. Is the curl sponge difficult to use?

No. Here is a video tutorial and here you can read written instructions.

4. Is the twisting sponge hard or soft.

It’s a firm spongy material. Not to hard and not to soft. They are designed to have the right amount of resistance for fantastic results.

5. Do the holes pull patches of hair out?

No. The holes in the hair sponge were designed to catch and release the hair as you rub in a circular motion.

6. Can you wash the sponge?

Yes. However, we don’t recommend doing this often. It will destroy the rigidness of the sponge and ruin the consistency.

7. Will it work for locs?

Yes. It will quickly twist your hair to start. You will need to finish the twist according to what kind of dreads you want. (Single Twist and Two Strand Twist are the most popular)

8. Does twisting the hair with the sponge hurt?

No. You are only gently applying a circular motion to the outer part of the hair. It doesn’t need a bunch of strength or pressing hard to work.

9. Is it for men or women?

The curling sponge is a unisex tool. It can be used for both men and women.

10. Is the brush heavy?

No. They individually weigh less than 3 ounces.

11. How long does the sponge for hair last?

Depending on your daily usage each sponge is designed to last for up to 6 months of normal wear and tear.

12. Does it really work?

Yup, you bet it does. The product is in use by many pro athletes, singers, rappers and movie stars. This doesn’t count thousands of barbers who use them in their barbershops daily.

13. How long does it take to use?

Average time for sponge usage to produce good results is less than 3-minutes. Depending on the length of your hair.

14. Where can I buy a sponge for my hair?

The simple answer is Amazon. They have the best prices and the best reviews.