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Having a dread sponge is a perfect way to start locs. There are many other ways to start dreadlocks, but this is the coolest.


dread sponge


This spongy little item doesn’t cost much, and is well worth the cheap price to get one. Nudred is the company that brought the technology to the forefront. But, it was soon knocked off, and other options became available online.

Now you can buy any new dread sponge from Amazon.

You will get the same and often better results than the original sponge brush. The twist sponge for natural hair makes it easy to start your locs. This is a good thing because it will save you money.

A Quick Dread Sponge Video Tutorial

As you can see if you follow the directions from the Youtube video the ease of use is rewarding. You can start your locs in a matter of minutes for a low price.

dread sponge


The sponge hairstyle is popular in the black community. This one invention is changing the face of little black boys and their fathers. The hairstyles being worn by our men and boys now are super hot. Character, texture and black power is on display for the world to see on the largest of stages.

Pro athletes are rocking their dreadlocks with pride. There is no larger stage to see this than in the NFL. Professional football players are leading the way.

Twisting locs with a sponge is just the beginning of your natural hair journey. Once you buy the dread sponge you will need to read up on maintenance and care.

It’s also not a bad idea to read up on the basic history of black hair as you go. Get prepared to take many pictures for Pinterest and Facebook. People will want to see your progress as you come out of the ugly stage of your dreadlocks.

Your locs will get long so looking around at men dreadlocks pictures should be normal.

If you are a black woman locking up, Instagram will be best for catching the latest hairstyles of locs.

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