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There is a reason the hair twist sponge is selling like hotcakes. It is the one tool for men that can curl or twist the hair effortlessly.

hair twist sponge


Many guys think it’s a hard process before they actually buy one. This is so wrong. The curl sponge for men is the easiest tool to use.

The design of the sponge with the holes is genius. It’s the perfect invention for grabbing our kinky coily hair and twisting it to a hot hairstyle.

The sponge curl is for natural hair and works well on short to medium length. For men or women with long hair the results will vary a great deal. Using it for dreads is a god idea in that beginning ugly stage.

How Do You Use The Hair Twist Sponge?

Here are some directions for using the hair sponge to it’s full potential. If you follow these instructions you will get great results. This method is tried and true and works for men, women and boys. The technique takes less than 5 minutes to start and finish.

Steps To Using The Sponge Curls Brush

Moisturize your follicles by spraying a light mist of water or conditioner on your hair. Do not drench the hair.

Massage in the water or conditioner to penetrate the hair glands for proper moisture.

Place a dime size application of a light oil like (Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil) in your hand. Run hands together and spread evenly in palm.

Apply oil all over hair to coat and seal in the moisture. This will give your hair shine and keep it moist through out the day.

Pick or comb your afro out so that you extend the length of your hair. This will help the strands curl and twist better.

Take the hair twist sponge and move it in a circular rotation consistently all around the head. (Clockwise or CounterClockwise will work). Just make sure you don’t switch directions once you start.

That’s it.

This is how a curl sponge is used for coiling hair or twisting locs in the beginning stage.

It’s not hard at all.

You can buy your hair curling sponge here from Amazon.

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