Sponge Hair | Wanna Get A Curly Twisted Look?

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Sponge hair is a term used in urban communities to describe hair twisted by a curl sponge. If you have seen a fade haircut with curl pattern on a man or boy, it more than likely came from this sponge brush.

sponge hair


Maybe you have been on the fence about buying a hair sponge and you seek pictures to push you off. Well, you are in the right place my friend.

This website provides some of the best pictures of curl sponge looks. Instead of watching a boring tutorial you actually view the results from images.

sponge hair


How To Choose A Sponge Hair Look

You can now decide what kind of sponge hair look you want. A gallery of hot pics compiled by us for your convenience is here. Take the time to sift through the photos to choose the right look.

Everyone is different. The sponge hair twist will be unique for each individual wearing it. Different hair textures play a role in what kind of curl pattern you will have.

sponge hair


There are a couple of hair types that make a big difference in looks.

Here is a quick list.

  • 4A – Tightly Coiled with an “S” pattern
  • 4B – Less defined curls with a “Z” pattern
  • 4C – Tightly kinked fine,┬áthin, soft or course hair

Knowing your hair type will increase your chance of having a great looking haircut. Your barber will cut your hair as he or she always has. But, now you have some direction in how to tell them what best fits your face and style.

Many men don’t pay attention to their type of hair which is a big mistake. If you don’t know it hinders your best look. You can make wrong decisions on products for┬ámoisturizing, conditioning and washing your hair.

sponge hair


The hair sponge for men is a tool that can and will enhance you style, but you have to know how. The sponge method will work a lot better once you have this information about your black hair fellas.

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