Curling Sponge | What Does The Hair Twister Do?

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The curling sponge will take a plain afro hairstyle and twist it to a curl look. Many black men. women and children are using it everyday.

curling sponge


It’s not unusual for 2 or 3 hair sponges to be in one household. Dad, mom and the teenage son has their own in most cases.

Heck, there may even be an extra one in the drawer.

Just like anything else the hair sponge will wear down. When this happens you will need to get another one to maintain the quality of your twist hairstyle.

Why Is The Curling Sponge So Popular?

Well, that’s a good question.

The main answer is it’s the cheapest way to get curly hair without the damage of heat. The process of twisting up an afro or natural textured hair is easy.

Just by gripping the foam hair brush and moving it in a circular motion you can achieve a curled look.

The other reason the sponge for twisting hair is so popular is the price. For less than $10 you can get curly hair right from home.

As I said before, the sponge method for hair twisting is simple. You don’t have to hit up a salon, barber or stylist to maintain the look. Just get the initial hairstyle and use your curl sponge daily until it’s time for the next haircut.

If you decide to join the sponge effect you will be in good company. There are thousands of African Americans with textured hair in the curling sponge movement.

All you have to do is post a couple of pictures on Instagram or Facebook to hop right in the conversation. The hair sponge does make a difference in the way you look after a haircut. There is a dramatic difference after the foam sponge for hair has been used.

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