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The hair sponge for men is one of the best things to get a black man. Of course he has to be willing and ready to wear his hair textured and twisted. The natural hair look is dominating the scene for guys right now.

hair sponge for men


This is not to say that the 360 waves aren’t still getting play, because they are. It’s just that ladies are flocking to the stores to get a hair sponge for their sons or significant other.

It’s something about the way that the holes in this tiny little sponge work. They give amazing curly hair results for black boys and their fathers.

Will The Hair Sponge For Men Work On Women?

twist sponge for women



The hair twisting sponge is a unisex product. African American men and women can use it to provide twist, curls or coils fast.

As long as you have texture to your hair this product will work for you regardless of your sex.

This article focuses on the black males and their haircuts though.


Well, that answer is simple.

The curl sponge cut is the most popular requested haircut in any barbershop. Known by barbers as the sponge method it has taken off.

Hair sponges are now being sold direct to the client from the barbershop. Of course you will pay a couple of dollars more than online. But, the convenience is well worth it.

Being able to continue your look after leaving the shop is crucial.

If you can wait a couple of days though there is a better solution.

Just go to Amazon and buy one for less than $10.

Sponge Curls Hair Brush

For that low price you can buy 2 which gives you a backup. Sponge curls are here to stay. The look is nice and instantly gives your regular fade haircut some texture.

Don’t be cheap and go to a store like Autozone and try to make your own from a car wash sponge. Not only does that take unnecessary time, but it’s a real mess.

You will have broken material all in your head and the performance is horrible. That kind of sponge is too soft.

For less than ten dollars you can get the exact hair sponge for men that will do the job every time. You can even choose from a multitude of colors.

The all black curl sponge is a popular one in many homes. Now you know why you should buy one.

Just to recap, I recommend getting yours from Amazon. You get a wide variety of sponges to choose from. You can also base your buying decision on price and customer reviews.

Unlike searching for a hair sponge at Walmart or Sally’s. These big box retail stores are limited in their curl sponge products.

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